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Registration will have its benifits
Hello guests. This is a new community forum for both Gamers and Designers. As i have posted in other threads there is an all NEW Meme Generator as well.

After the forum begins getting more active i will start hosting CONTESTS with AWESOME prizes such as FREE steam game keys, Amazon gift cards etc. So make sure to register and start posting today. And watch for the contests to begin after the forum becomes active.

When the forum hits 100 active members i will begin the first contest.

Lets see what you guys got! Make memes at to share here in teh forums, and/or on GtMemes itself.

See you in the forums Smile
Steam keys sounds nice, but what about itunes and blizzard wallets Wink
Hey sorry brother been really busy with other projects. That is def something i will look into doing when i have more time to focus on growin the forum

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